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[править] User Interface Compiler (uic)

This page documents the User Interface Compiler for the Qt GUI toolkit. The uic reads an XML format user interface definition (.ui) file as generated by Qt Designer and creates a corresponding C++ header file.


 uic [options] <uifile>

[править] Options

The following table lists the command-line options recognized by uic.

Option Description
-o <file> Write output to <file> instead of to standard output.
-tr <func> Use <func> for translating strings instead of tr().
-p Don't generate guards against multiple inclusion (#ifndef FOO_H ...).
-h Display the usage and the list of options.
-v Display uic's version number.

[править] Examples

If you use qmake, uic will be invoked automatically for header files.

Here are useful makefile rules if you only use GNU make:

 ui_%.h: %.ui
         uic $< -o $@

If you want to write portably, you can use individual rules of the following form:

 ui_foo.h: foo.ui
         uic $< -o $@

You must also remember to add ui_foo.h to your HEADERS (substitute your favorite name).

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